Saturday, February 18, 2012

MicroCHIPS,, Implanted Remote-Controlled Drug Delivery Could reduce Doctor Visits

OncoWikia Blog is reporting of a device that is implanted within patients body to deliver drugs, periodically by a physician, remotely. The device is made by MicroCHIPS, a USA company and the device delivered Teriparatide [recombinant human PTH(1–34)], an expensive hormone treatment that improves bone formation and reduces the risk of fracture in osteoporosis patients.
"A microchip that continues to deliver teriparatide with this or similar consistency and efficiency over 12 to 24 months could improve bone mass, density, architecture, and strength," said study co-author Robert Neer, Founder & Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Bone Density Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
Follow the link below for more information and the press release by MicroCHIPS.
MicroCHIPS,, Implanted Remote-Controlled Drug Delivery ~ Oncowikia Blog

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